My Story

Personal Side Of Carolyn

  • Have recently returned to live in beautiful Prince Edward County where I spent a happy childhood; my heart is happily at home
  • Have a wonderful son who is living his dream of being a journalist
  • Raised in a nomadic military family with many siblings; learned to appreciate new people, places and opportunities
  • Travelled to many destinations, most notably the Middle East which impressed me deeply
    Love nature and all its creatures
  • Love my cat
  • Enjoy walking, reiki, reading, art and painting, history and ancestry, photography, gardening and camping
  • Armchair athlete "excelling" in figure skating, tennis, the Olympics and World Cup Soccer
  • I value hope, health, humour and honesty in my life

Professional Side Of Carolyn

  • Life Celebration Specialist
  • I believe that the journey has prepared me for this moment
  • My education focused on the sciences, worked for several years in the veterinary field
  • A beloved hobby turned into a career in the art of wedding cake making, working 28 gratifying years with brides and grooms
  • Have volunteered with seniors, the disabled, the Taoist Tai Chi Society and Alzheimer Society.
  • Past member of Toastmasters, an enriching experience in communication, interaction and education
  • I am honoured to be in this position of trust and service

Passionate Side Of Carolyn

  • I am passionate about hope, health, humour and honesty-I feel they are worth repeating
  • I am passionate about today and highly value it as a gift
  • I am passionate about seeing the potential develop in the people around me
  • I am passionate about the opportunites that present themselves to us, be they obvious or disguised
  • I passionately believe that hope is what keeps us going
  • I am passionate about sunrises, trees and the seasons!